• Entry V | Inspiration

    Entry V | Inspiration

    Some major inspiration that I can trace back to a year and half ago or so is Atarah Atkinson's analog

    work. I was inspired by how much more tedious the process was, and the importance that was being put

    into each negative, scan and print. Not just that alone, but the color and production that came from the

    analog work I really wanted to get into and try out a new process of creating. A couple of months after

    that I picked up a Hasselblad 501CM and shot my first roll of film ( this, being the first image) on

    transparency film. 


    That semester I produced my entire portfolio on that camera on E6 and C41 film. 

     © Atarah Atkinson

    The color production, and spatial composition are two of the things that really influenced me into picking up a film camera and starting something that has changed workflow and process substantially as a photographer.